What We Don’t Do

This is a blog for women. It’s raw, vulnerable and real. I struggle with my weight, my self love and a body that betrays me with miscarriages. You’ll cry, laugh and nod your head in agreement because as women and as mothers, we are Sisters in our journeys. The way of the Mother and the Curse of Women unite us in our common struggles. You’ll find a Sister in me as I write what you think and feel too.


United we rise,


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Five Things Women Need to Know About Being Pregnant

  Your lady parts become unrecognizable Boobs and Vaginas: our sacred parts. We spend years looking at and learning about and eventually knowing these beauties pretty well only to become pregnant, look down and go “WTF?” Sure, your boobs get bigger. That’s sweet. They become these soft round globes of fullness and womanly curves but … Continue reading Five Things Women Need to Know About Being Pregnant

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