What We Don’t Do

I need to write like some people need smoothies or yoga or coffee in the morning. Writing is my way of processing my emotions and making sense of all the crazy in Life and thus, this blog was born. I’m Kelsey. I’m 32, married to a Canadian Irishman and we have a four-year-old miracle daughter. We’ve struggled to birth a second child. We have four angel babies.

I share the struggles, pain and hardships we’ve faced in our fertility journey. We just want someone who gets it, and believe me, I get it.

I had/have anxiety and depression, both of which I keep in check with good nutrition, exercise, personal development books/podcasts and a deep spiritual faith in The Universe. What We Don’t Do occasionally focuses on these healing modalities. I offer the tips and tools that work for me to hopefully help you too. I also like to share recipes, books and other interesting tidbits I think will help or interest others.

As parents, we are constantly questioning our abilities and choices. I use this blog to share what we don’t do, what we won’t do and what we hope to do. There’s no judgment in this space. Parenting is the hardest job in the world and being a mother is my biggest role. I can’t ever deny that so you’ll see a few posts surrounding children and parenting.

This is a blog for women who want to empower themselves and others. We inspire to lift you up, pick you up, make you think and help you be the best version of yourself. The changes required on this planet will be spearheaded by women and we want to honour, love, respect and unite women everywhere.

United we rise,


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