What’s coming…because we all love anticipation…

Here’ s a few of the blog posts that will be coming up in the next few months:

  1. A Note to Our Daughter’s about Sex
  2. Breathing Exercises for Anxiety
  3. Do This ONE Thing Everyday to Boost Your Confidence and Self-Love
  4.  Why We Need to Retire the Word “Should”
  5. My Struggles with Fertility
  6. Book Recommendations
  7. Communicating Effectively With Your Partner so You Both Feel Heard and Understood
  8. Product Must Haves and Must Have Nots
  9. How To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables
  10. 5HTP- How It Changed My Life
  11. A Meditation For Self Love
  12. How To Get Over Mom Guilt
  13. Power Hours- Make the Most of Your Morning to Start Your Day Right
  14. Allow Me to Introduce You to The Universe
  15. Gardening Hacks
  16. More Shit Doesn’t Equal More Happiness- LET’S PURGE

…and hopefully lots more!

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