If You Missed My Radio Interview with CBC, Here It Is!

I’m incredibly grateful that my blog post about my struggle with infertility and pregnancy loss was seen by my friend who works at CBC Saskatoon and who was, coincidentally, working on an infertility segment. She invited me on to talk about my journey and my blog. If you missed it and have 15 minutes to spare, you can listen here!


3 thoughts on “If You Missed My Radio Interview with CBC, Here It Is!

  1. You did such an amazing job!! I felt your emotion through the radio ❤
    I also hope I'm not one of the people who stresses you out. Part of the reason I personally decided to start my own blog was to share the chaos in my circus when other people were incorrectly assuming it was all sunshine and butterflies. Nobody has a perfect life…but I think if we as women are more open to sharing the challenges and difficulties it not only gives others the strength to carry on when they are going through the trenches just by knowing that they aren't alone and that the grass isn't always greener…but it also empowers us as writers by giving us a voice sharing our own truths, feeling a huge sense of relief and encouragement in knowing that our people love and support us – even through the messy.


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