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Bruschetta with a Fantastic Twist

When my old neighbour and friend Susannah introduced me to this recipe, I was skeptical to say the least. I had a specific way I’d always made my bruschetta and I was happy with it. Like they say, don’t fix what ain’t broken. But Susannah is a fantastic cook and hadn’t steered me wrong before with her recipes (nutmeg in mashed potatoes anyone? It’s actually delicious!) so I tried this. Let me tell you two words: GAME CHANGER. I can’t stress enough how the Montreal Steak Spice takes this bruschetta to a whole new level. I won’t go back to my old, bland-in-comparison recipe. If you try this, let me know in the comments below what you thought of it!



1 small tomato, diced

~1 tsp Montreal Steak Spice

~1/4 tsp garlic powder

~1/4 tsp dried basil

a splash of EVOO

A generous crumble of feta (or goat’s cheese!)

Mix together in a bowl. Adjust spices to your palette.  I serve mine with 34 Degree crackers or fresh baguette (the sesame baguettes from Christy’s on 33rd in Saskatoon is one of the best breads I’ve ever ate. Seriously EVER.)

My 3-year-old who “hates” tomatoes crushes this bruschetta and we all know how picky toddlers are. Enough said, right? Enjoy every morsel.


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