DIY Facewash


I’ve been making my own face wash for a few years now and while I’m guilty of not washing my face everyday, when I do use it, I’m still always impressed and blown away at its effectiveness and hydration. It’s actually kind of gross what comes off my face with this deep penetrating cleanser!

It’s a three ingredient delight that packs serious benefits. Aloe Vera gel marries with organic jojoba oil to create a wicked wash. I use frankincense essential oil for its skin benefits but you could choose anything.

Without getting too technical, aloe vera has two hormones that help heal skin conditions and reduce inflammation. It’s a moisturizer through its ability to help the skin replenish its natural moisture. It’s riddled with nutrients and minerals that all work towards healing the skin. Who doesn’t want that in a cleanser? It’s soothing, healing, cooling and anti-aging with its numerous antioxidants. It’s really an all-round great skin enhancing ingredient!

Jojoba oil acts as a natural skin conditioner through its similar properties to sebum, a substance our skin naturally produces. You know that dry skin feeling you get after you wash? That’s from the lack of sebum that’s been washed away. You’d think putting an oil on your skin would make it more oily but in fact, it’s the opposite. Like attracts like in this case and it actually helps with the sebum replenishment and keeps your skin moisturized and protected with its waxy barrier. Jojoba is also a deep cleanser, penetrating deep into pores and dislodging any gritty nastiness lingering in there!

This combo produces a cleansing product that hydrates the skin while simultaneously cleaning it thoroughly. It’s great for removing make up as well so it’s like a two-in-one too! Who doesn’t love that?

I add frankincense for its skin healing abilities for blemishes, acne and other skin conditions. I’ve also fallen in love with the scent but you can choose whatever floats your boat!

Simply mix equal parts aloe and jojoba. Add essential oil. Put into container and shake well before each use. Wet face. Squeeze small amount of cleanser onto a cotton pad or old piece of flannel and wash over wet face. Repeat until the cotton pad comes away clean!

Some people have told me they prefer to wash their face while in the shower. My suggestion would be to add Dr. Bronner’s mild castille soap to the mix but reduce the jojoba amount! Comment below if you try that!

:::Shameless self promotion::: Other people are just too lazy or too busy to make their own products so I do sell my mine for CDN $32 on my website, potionsproducts.com if you want to purchase one!

Happy Washing,


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