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Becoming The Change I Wish To See

If you are just jumping in on this blog, I’m Kelsey and I struggle to conceive. Wait no, I can conceive I just can’t carry to term. I’m not sure what’s worse: not conceiving at all or getting pregnant and miscarrying every time. I digress; that’s another topic for another day. Anyways, to save you the full, repetitive story, you can read about my struggles here. And here. And here too. I’m a loud, proud voice for infertility, perinatal loss and miscarriage. Because let’s face it: it’s a conversation that’s only whispered and only behind closed doors. It causes embarrassment, sadness, grief, depression and envy. It’s a silent disease (yes, infertility is now classified as a disease) and it’s downright horrible to say the least. But our voices are slowly rising and they’re joining together to create this beautiful symphony of connection, shared grief and awareness.

FFFS ladies
Your visionaries: Dani, Wendy, Me

After one of my earlier blogs went quasi-viral (read it here) my friend Dani Friesen reached out to me, appalled at how many women (especially in her own circle of friends) were struggling with conception while simultaneously becoming increasingly floored at the cost for fertility treatments. She approached me after my blog post spurred a CBC radio interview and said she wanted me to help her create a non-profit to raise money for fertility funds for families. Dani is a business powerhouse. She can sell ice to an Eskimo and I knew if anyone could raise funds, it was her. I readily agreed.

Just think how many more women will conceive without the added stress of the financial burden?

Dr. Adrian Gamelin of the Aurora Fertility Clinic in Saskatoon, SK agreed to help us decipher medical jargon and suggested we meet Wendy Winiewski to help us. Wendy struggled with infertility and required IVF treatments. She’s a kind soul with a relatable story, a great work ethic and an adorable nine month old daughter- conceived through IVF. The three of us hit it off and we’ve created The Family Fertility Fund of Saskatchewan. We will raise funds to help families pay for treatment. The process has been arduous but we believe we will be revolutionary in this endeavour. CBC invited us back on the radio to discuss it. If you missed it, here it is below:

CBC also wrote an online article you can read here

The medical system is hugely flawed right now when it comes to infertility and affordable treatments for families. The reality is many families don’t have the finances to attempt a family. There’s chances the treatment wont work and that’s a big risk for many. Understandably risky. So we took the initiative. It won’t be easy. But we need to do something. There’s too many babies waiting to come to their parents and just can’t because of money. MONEY! It’s ridiculous.  Money should not prevent these people from having the family they want. So we will raise it for them, with your help! We look forward to serving as many families as possible and we hope to bring many babies into this world. If you feel compelled to help us, please email us at info@familyfertilityfund.com


United we rise,


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