Sex is Sad

When you think of sex, what comes to mind? Passion? Intimacy? Fun? Orgasmic? Pleasure? Loving? Dirty? Forbidden? Lustful? Wrong? Beautiful? When I think of sex, most of the time I think, “ugh.” And I sigh. Because trying to conceive over and over, month after month without success turns sex into work. It’s like going to… Continue reading Sex is Sad

Pregnancy and Motherhood

My Response To The “F*ck It” Moms

Recently there’s been some blog posts floating around on social media touting the whole “f*ck it” mentality. Have you read these? The ones that say that no Mom can live up to the expectations that have been set. That no Mom can do it all. That no Mom can do the cloth diapers, the organic… Continue reading My Response To The “F*ck It” Moms