The Power of Affirmations

The first time I remember using an affirmation I was about nine-years-old. Clearly I had no idea what I was doing at the time was actually utilizing the power of the mind and the power of affirmations. Every time I was cold and couldn’t warm up, I’d visualize being in Florida (we use to go every few years to visit my snowbird grandparents) and I’d summon to mind the smell of the air, the warmth of the sun against my skin, the breeze through the palm trees and I’d quietly say, “Florida air, Florida air, Florida air” over and over. I visualized walking on the hot sand or I’d recall a memory of sitting with my family on the porch. Eventually, I’d actually start warming up!


A few years ago while on our honeymoon my husband wanted to go deep sea fishing; a first for both of us. Personally, it was one of the worst experiences of my life. The swells tossed the boat around like a large dog with a small chew toy. People were vomiting off the side of the boat, the vomit splashing back upon them with each wave. The smell of the ancient engine’s diesel and the smoke billowing out was sickening and I felt like I couldn’t find any relief. There was an upper deck to sit and watch, as opposed to braving the main deck and fishing, so when a seat opened up, I snagged it. The air was fresher but the turbulence worse. At least we have sunshine, I thought. But my attempt at positive thinking was short lived by the need to throw up everything I had ever ate. As we would crest a wave, my stomach would drop and as we slammed back down on the ocean, my stomach felt like it was flying into my throat, its contents a tornado of confusion and repulsion. As I sat in this upper deck, I began chanting quietly, “I am one with the ocean, I am one with the ocean” as both a distraction and an attempt to find a rhythm with the movement. I did this for hours. Lo and behold, my stomach eventually settled and I never threw up. I even started to enjoy myself a tiny bit, but don’t tell my husband that!

mindquoteHow cool is it that scientists and researchers are delving deeper into self-affirmations and even meditation. They’ve scanned brain images of Buddhist monks meditating and the results are fascinating. They’ve also done studies on the people who use affirmations and these results are equally fascinating. (If you enjoy reading academic studies, you can read one here).

Our brains are so incredibly strong and powerful. We have the capacity to change imbedded behaviours, regulate emotions, turn on different areas of the brain, turn off other parts, meditate and SO MUCH MORE. This explains why I believe anxiety and depression can be overcome. Like a bicep muscle doing a curl, you have to exercise the brain. You can exercise this muscle to give you any belief you want, positive OR negative! One such exercise includes affirmations. But a key aspect of affirmations is that you must say them repeatedly, with conviction, with truth behind it. Our brains don’t know the difference between real and fantasy so you can essentially trick it into believing anything.


Take a moment and consider something your brain believes. Maybe you believe you aren’t worthy of love. That’s a subconscious belief system imbedded in your brain. Maybe you believe your partner is cheating on you. That could also be false. Maybe you think you’re a great singer but anyone around you with ears would disagree! Or maybe the opposite: you think you can’t sing but everyone loves your voice! Your brain will believe whatever you tell it and then seek out the proof to back it up. That’s why you can feel like you are totally right in a situation and your best friend looks at you and says, “Girl, you’re trippin’!”:because you are! Your brain has conspired with your senses and belief systems to gather the appropriate information that reiterates your perceived Truth. It’s actually quite phenomenal.

Take a superman stand and repeat some affirmations, with feeling. Aloud. A few I repeat daily are:

“I love and accept myself exactly as I am”

“I am wealthy. Debt does not exist for me”

“I am strong and healthy”

You are a part of a divine source and as an extension of that loving source having a conscious, human experience, you have at your disposal all of the love, abundance and joy you could EVER want.

You just have to stop letting your brain get in the way. Train your brain to see your loving divinity. Train your brain to shed its negative belief systems that hold you back. Train your brain to see Love and Oneness in everyone and everything. It IS possible. Science is backing up what spiritual leaders have been saying (and doing) for generations. Train your brain, change your game. Start with affirmations.

United, we RISE


3 thoughts on “The Power of Affirmations

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