Two Cents Tuesday: Taking Control of Your Thoughts

Here’s my two cents:

I had a little health scare on Saturday. A year ago, hell, even six months ago, I would have fallen head first into Fear and let dramatic and false thoughts take over my mind and affect my body. But this time I didn’t.

It’s one thing to read the self-help books and do the counselling and hard work when all is well and it’s an entirely different matter when things are not well. When times are tough, that’s when you get to shine your tools and skills and strategies upon the situation.

It’s when times are tough that you need to implement what you learned when all was well.

So I stopped and did an internal scan. I called forth the tools I had learned to carry me through exact situations like this with grace, clarity and calmness. What thoughts did I want to have about this situation? So I chose to think positively and believe that everything was going to be okay. What was my body telling me? It was saying, “Don’t panic when there’s no reason to panic yet. You’ll see the doctor Monday.”  Did my intuition have anything to show me?  It screamed, “All is well, don’t let your thoughts run wild and toxic.”

I remained calm despite my old habit of freaking out. I used rational thought instead of letting my thoughts go crazy and unhinged. I tuned in instead of tuning out. And the Universe reminded me that it had my back. My daughter wanted to play with her Yoga Pretzel cards for the first time that morning despite repeatedly telling me that “yoga isn’t good for my body” and the first card she pulled out was “all is well.” We laid together on the floor repeating the prayer on the back. It was an incredible moment and a beautiful sign that indeed, all was well. My faith and trust overrode my Fear and Ego.

My daughter closed her eyes, pulled a card from my hands and this was it!
We laid together, repeating this out loud, first me, then her. It was magical.


It’s an amazing feeling to take control of your thoughts. Thoughts aren’t real. More often than not, they are a product of deep rooted belief systems and Ego: two things that sabotage our present and our happiness. More often than not, what we think isn’t true. For instance, have you ever thought a friend was mad at you because she didn’t text you back right away? Your thoughts probably ran wild and you began looking back at other conversations to see what could’ve pissed her off, right? But in actuality, maybe she was busy. Or her phone died. Or she was watching a movie and had her phone in another room. Our thought that she was angry wasn’t real. We do this hundreds of times a day. Our belief systems and Ego create our reality and our thoughts contribute to that reality. Therefore, when we can control those thoughts, we can control our reality and make it what we want.

To learn to reign in your thoughts, especially when they’re out of control, is incredibly liberating.

The next time you’re in a situation where you know your old habits and patterns will emerge, stop and check in. Maybe this is the time where you can implement that breathing technique or that tapping solution. Or perhaps it’s an opportunity to just observe your thoughts and not act on them. It could also be a time to tap into your intuition and really listen. Whatever it is, the hard times are the best times to grow. It’s the time to consciously change or choose another option. It’s a chance to change your thoughts and also your reality. It’s an opportunity to become better at navigating the uncomfortable, shitty spaces that come into our worlds. Hard times allow us to transform and after the storm has passed, we emerge stronger, more resilient and even better, wiser.

United we rise,


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