33 Things I Know at 33

April is always a crazy month for me hence the lack of weekly blogs. But I turned 33 last Saturday and always enjoy sitting quietly for a few days before and after to reflect on the past year. Here’s a few little nuggets I’ve learned:

  1. Let your kids sleep with you. They won’t want to for long. The snuggles, warm breaths in your face, kicks and blanket hogging is worth it.
  2. Diets don’t work. Self love and acceptance does.
  3. EVERYONE has a story that will break your heart.
  4. Shower lots when you’re pregnant. Your leaking lady bits will thank you.

    strength quote
    Your thoughts create your reality
  5. Lots of things will happen to you. Whether it’s good or bad depends on your perception
  6. Send cards to loved ones. Everyone loves a hand written gesture
  7. Start each day with a positive declaration standing Super(wo)man pose.
  8. Praying doesn’t have to be hard. A simple thank you is a great prayer
  9. Move your body everyday.
  10. Forgiving someone is hard but once you do, you feel lighter and free. Keeping working at it.
  11. Being vulnerable and speaking your truth is the best way to connect to others.

    Meaningful conversations are what give relationships value
  12. You can’t control anyone’s behaviour but your own. Focus on you.
  13. Gratitude is the only spiritual tool you need.
  14. Always read through recipe directions before beginning. Read the reviews too; there’s lots of tips and tricks there!
  15. Strength is sexy, emotional, physical and mental.
  16. Read ten pages everyday of something that challenges your way of thinking.

    One of the best life changing books I’ve ever read!
  17. F*ck kale. We all know it’s disgusting.
  18. The grass is never greener on the other side. Water yours and it’ll flourish beyond your wildest dreams
  19. When you tune into your body it will tell you what it needs. It won’t be chips or McDonalds.
  20. Ignore the haters. Kill them with kindness and bury the feelings they brought up in you. Move on.
  21. It’s really hard to love yourself like you were your own best friend but once you do, it’s the most bountiful relationship you’ll ever have. Fall in love with yourself.

    cell phone sign
  22. Time flies when you’re on your phone. No cell phones after 7pm. Cell phone addiction is a real thing. Besides, the best conversations and moments happen when you’re present and committed to the moment. Your cell phone can’t give you an orgasm or a snuggle.
  23. Keep the snacks on the highest shelf.
  24. Putting eyedrops in toddlers eyes is impossible.
  25. Have the hard conversations. But ensure you’re speaking from a place of heart-centred love and/or concern. Leave your judgement in the dust.
  26. Add collagen to your coffee or smoothies. It makes your nails, skin and hair amazing.
  27. Say ‘yes’ more than you say ‘no’ to your kids. Let her/him wear the lipstick or play in the mud or build a grass fort.
  28. When cooking red meat, let it sit out to room temperature before cooking.
  29. Grow plants. It’s a good feeling seeing something thrive.

    Date nights make parenting easier, work more manageable and life together far more enjoyable!
  30. Date your partner. Make time to connect and talk. You’re more than parents or employees or employers. Date.
  31. When you go to bed, take deep, conscious breaths and give thanks for everything that happened that day, good or bad. It calms your body and helps you release the day.
  32. Always moisturize your face, especially your neck!
  33. Eat healthy, love hard, listen closely, hug longer and say ‘I love you’ to everyone you love.

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