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Letting Go of What Others Think


It’s a new blog with a new focus and a new baby in the mix! Meet Callum, world!


Well, you can take the blog away from the writer but you can’t truly take the writer away from the blog.

I missed writing. I missed this blog. I was on the fence about returning for awhile. I had to do a lot of soul searching as to my reasons for quitting and my reasons for returning. I came up with this:

  1. My blog organically morphed into a fertility blog. But that isn’t my story anymore.
  2. I thought people were going to be bored stiff reading another fertility story (if I did write one).
  3. I thought I had to keep writing fertility focused posts to keep my audience.
  4. I thought people wouldn’t read a blog that started as a fertility blog but that suddenly wasn’t. In fact, it would be quite the opposite. #momlife
  5. I thought people wouldn’t like the new ideas/stories/struggles I was experiencing.
  6. I thought I didn’t have time to write anymore. The pressure I put upon myself to post once a week was too much with this new layer of motherhood.


Reading those back feels kinda silly. My retorts:

  1. My story will always be my story. There’s many other facets of me and my life that have value and hopefully wisdom for my readership.
  2. They can skip those ones that don’t interest them. But why am I caring what people think? The ones who need it will find it. As they say in Field of Dreams, “they will come.”
  3. Again, they can skip the ones they don’t like. My blog is more for me and less for others. Why am I caring what others think? If I stop sharing one of the biggest struggles of my life I end up doing a disservice to a woman who is searching for fertility blogs. She will come and she may leave if she doesn’t see the solidarity and hope I want to offer. Again, why am I caring what others think about this if this is my conviction?
  4. Again, they can skip the ones they don’t like. My blog is more for me and less for others. WHY AM I CARING WHAT OTHERS THINK?!
  5.  We all struggle. We all share similar hardships. If one person is inspired or relieved to know they aren’t alone, then this blog has served its purpose.
  6. My writing is an important to me as bubble baths and yoga are to others. Writing is so integral to my self care I didn’t even realize its importance until I wasn’t doing it anymore. I caught myself on too many occasions writing “in my head” and brainstorming topics. But where would I put them? As a Facebook post? nope. Instagram? Twitter? Please, I have too much to say!

So I asked the Universe to give me a sign. Was I meant to continue this blog? Start something new? Focus on writing my book? Freelance to other publications? And my sign came last night. In a REALLY big way. (more on this later)

And now here we are with a slight rebranding and new design and I’m determined to not care what others think. The ones who will read it will either love it or hate it. Whichever it is, it’s beyond my control.

Blogging is a beautiful platform for engaging, empowering and inspiring others. It’s also a place where I want every woman to find something of value whether its with her fertility, her body image or her parenting. It’s also a place for me to share, heal, vent and find solidarity. Life’s not always easy and writing is my therapy.

I am not my fertility story. I am just the narrator of these past stories that I hope to help others with. I am more than one label. I am a woman, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a fertility warrior, a mother, a wannabe yogi, a reader, a dreamer, a creator, a visionary. It’s not fair to contain myself to one label when there’s so much more. Let’s explore that more here.


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