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For Every Season Comes A Change

For me, winter has always been about hibernation; a burrowing into ones self to reflect, relax and embrace the slow growth that comes from such hibernation.

I’ve taken a break from blogging the last three weeks. I’ve closed down my small business I’ve had for 6 years and am going through the motions of dismantling it. I’ve deleted Facebook. I’m spending more time with my kids; more intentional and mindful quality time. It’s a season for small changes of the soul.

It’s in the new year you see resolutions declared and promises made. New year, new you. New year, new habits. New goals. New everything. Many see the new year as a reset.

For me, the new year is for soulful reflection, a quiet declaration of what’s to come and more, what’s to be. It’s a building upon the goals and habits and choices of years previous.

Resolutions don’t work for me either. Resolution means to resolve something: an issue or problem. I don’t need resolutions. I need habits. I need stamina. I need focus. I need intentionality. So there’s no loud proclamation on social media for me. There’s no need. Very rarely does something happen that has such an impact as to fundamentally change you. Long lasting change comes in the mundane moments, in small whispers in the quiet. People use accountability for their public decrees but accountability means nothing when you’re like me; someone who can meet external goals but can’t meet internal goals. (I highly recommend reading The Four Tendencies for more on this.)

Goals don’t work for me. What happens when the goal is met? Then what? More goals? Another cycle of do, do, do, accomplish, confusion? I’d rather just focus on doing the things future me would be proud of. Daily I ask myself, “what would a healthy person do today?” Maybe for you it’s “what would a happy person do today?” A peaceful person? An ambitious person? (I highly recommend reading Atomic Habits for more on this!)

So I’ll be quiet the next while as I continue my hibernation of solitude and reflection. But I thought I’d leave you with some of the questions I’m asking myself. Maybe they’ll help you get clear on your intentions for the year.

What are my values?

How can I implement my values into my life more authentically?

How can I live more intentionally?

What habits do I want to break?

What habits do I want to cultivate?

What’s one thing I can do everyday that’ll have a long term benefit?

Which distractions can I starve? Which focuses can I feed?

What makes me happy?

What makes me angry/upset?

What boundaries do I need to ensure are in place for my well-being and the well-being of my family?

Maybe I’ll see you next Sunday. Maybe I don’t. Either way, I’m praying for you and for the highest good for all. Happy New Year.

Strumming G,


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