Hello Sister,

I’m Kelsey. I’m 35, married to a Canadian Irishman and we have a six-year-old miracle daughter. We struggled to give her a sibling for almost five years. We have four angel babies and miraculously, a 21-month-old and a 5-month-old.

I share the struggles, pain and hardships we’ve faced in our fertility journey.

I had/have anxiety and depression, both of which I keep in check with good nutrition, exercise, personal development books/podcasts and a deep spiritual faith in The Universe. But even then, sometimes it creeps in like smoke under a door.

What We Don’t Do focuses on healing modalities. I offer the tips and tools that work for me and will hopefully help you too.

As parents, we are constantly questioning our abilities and choices. I use this blog to share what we don’t do, what we won’t do and what we hope to do. There’s no judgment in this space. Parenting is the hardest job in the world and being a mother is my main role in this movie called Life. I can’t ever deny that so you’ll see a few posts surrounding children and parenting. I suggest my struggling Sisters skip these ones! I’ll try to remember to add trigger warnings.

As women, we seem cursed with giving so much of ourselves and requesting little in return. We love fiercely and are drowning in guilt for our choices. We seek like-minded women to surround us in our lives, like elephants circling a bereaved elephant and lovingly grazing her with their trunks as signs of solidarity and support. We are searching for our people. Our herd. Our circle.

Let our circle start here. Together we will stand, unite and RISE up to become the divine goddesses this planet so desperately needs. Let these words begin the transformation.

This blog emphasizes my darkest days and subsequent healing. It’s raw, vulnerable and real. I don’t sugar coat anything.

But I also love to cook, garden, do yoga, read, laugh and spend time with family and friends. I want this blog to reflect the many facets of me in addition to my desire to connect and be of value and support to my fellow infertility sisters.

I hope you find small glimpses of hope for yourself among these stories and thoughts.

Strumming G,