Hello Reader,

Thanks for staying long enough to read these words. It’s a maelstrom of blogs and opinions and so much more floating in this inter web and I appreciate you stopping in my small corner.

What We Don’t Do is a blog mostly for me and and hopefully a little for you. I’m a mother of four, a wife to one, a friend to many and a constant work in progress as I navigate this life. It’s for me to share my thoughts and feelings and maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll inspire, help, heal or resonate with you. Our stories are so important. From day one of our conception the story of our life starts its intricate web. There is always something somewhere that helps others connect to us, connecting us to our shared humanness and our compassion. Stories help us connect, share and heal and that’s why WWDD is here: to share stories, connect across boundaries and heal the deepest parts of ourselves.

Strumming G,