Hi there! Welcome! A small summary about me: I make as much of my own things as possible including my own skin care products (I have a small company to sell these wares!), my own cleaning products and foods. I try to avoid processed foods and canned goods as much as possible and I love gardening! I’m also a huge advocate for mental illness, specifically anxiety and depression so I will definitely be sharing some stories and tips on that to help heal ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters. I’ve had what some would call a bit of a crazy life and I’ve learned a lot from it. I want to take my mess and give a message.

Recently, I’ve had a few people ask me how I do the things I do. For instance, first time mom friends will ask, “What do you do so she sleeps through the night?” or “How do you make your fabric softener?” so when I mentioned to my husband that a friend suggested a blog about what we do his reply was, “it’s more what we don’t do.” So this blog is birthed from that two sentence conversation. This blog talks about what we don’t do but will also focus on what we do do despite it possibly being unconventional and not mainstream at all!

I  hope this blog inspires to you take positive action in directions that better suit yourself, your family and our environment.

Happy Reading and Learning,