Excuse Me While I Disconnect

I am addicted to my phone. I’m the first to admit it and the first to get defensive when someone calls me out on it. My husband is the same. And a phone addiction does not bode well for marriage or family life. He would get mad at me for using mine and I’d get … Continue reading Excuse Me While I Disconnect

The Curse of Women*

*originally published here. I recently attended my first women’s retreat just outside Saskatoon, SK. It was a wonderful getaway filled with crafting, laughing and connecting. I have never spent that kind of time with a large group of women before and I was blown away by the similarities between us all despite all our many differences: … Continue reading The Curse of Women*

The End of a Chapter: Saying Goodbye to My Infertility Story

Dear loyal readers, followers, supporters, sharers and more, It’s been one heck of a ride since starting this blog. I’ve been on the radio twice and the national online news once and it’s been thrilling. When I began blogging, my intention was never to share my struggles with my infertility and miscarriages. It just so … Continue reading The End of a Chapter: Saying Goodbye to My Infertility Story

The Power of Affirmations

The first time I remember using an affirmation I was about nine-years-old. Clearly I had no idea what I was doing at the time was actually utilizing the power of the mind and the power of affirmations. Every time I was cold and couldn’t warm up, I’d visualize being in Florida (we use to go … Continue reading The Power of Affirmations

It’s Okay to Be Okay…or not.*

*Originally published here   The other day a new friend, a fellow Phoenix mama, gave me some sympathy for my four recurrent miscarriages. She apologized for the losses and commented “oh, your poor heart.” While I certainly appreciated the love and her sweet, kind heart, I felt nothing. There was no sadness or anger or … Continue reading It’s Okay to Be Okay…or not.*

Angel Babies and Silver Linings*

*Originally published here. I never wanted to have kids. Ever. I was eight the first time I remember saying I didn’t want to ever be a mom. I had big goals and motherhood wasn’t one of them. Then I entered a relationship in my early 20’s that had me living in a new world immersed … Continue reading Angel Babies and Silver Linings*

Creating a Legacy: Finding Sense in the Senseless

Without fail, every time I miscarry I spend a significant amount of time questioning everything. WHY is on repeat, over and over like a skipping CD. I question the body that betrayed me. I question the food I put in my body, the kilometres my feet walked during those weeks. I question the temperature of the … Continue reading Creating a Legacy: Finding Sense in the Senseless

A Letter To All The Babies Who’ve Left Us Too Soon*

*originally published here. Dear Baby, We miss you terribly. To even use the word terribly doesn’t do justice to the gaping hole that’s permanently etched into our hearts, our souls, our psyches. We thought it’d scar over and we’d move on in some unnatural way but it hasn’t. We don’t know if it ever will. … Continue reading A Letter To All The Babies Who’ve Left Us Too Soon*

I Invite You to Get Over Yourself

“I invite you to get over yourself, Kelsey” the counselor said to me. Excuse me? I thought. Who knew those eight words would change my life. Those eight, little words opened a door to a world I didn’t want to explore but knew I needed in order to heal. In July 2014 I was a … Continue reading I Invite You to Get Over Yourself

Beliefs and Butterflies

I believe all beings are connected to a Source, a cosmic energy, a consciousness; whatever you want to call it, I know you know what I mean. Call it energy or vibes or a gut feeling but the human five senses aren’t all we have. There’s so much more. Everything on Earth is a tapestry … Continue reading Beliefs and Butterflies