Fall in Love with Your Body: Release the Guilt and Eat the Damn Chips!

The time has come for us to lay down the Weapons of Body Destruction and throw up our arms in Victory. You know what I mean, right? The weapons. Of body destruction. The scale is the biggest one. The diet books are another. The "get slim quick" pill. The wraps. The cellulite blasting lasers. Basically … Continue reading Fall in Love with Your Body: Release the Guilt and Eat the Damn Chips!

Mommy, Slow Down, You’re Going Too Fast

It was those seven words that hit me in the chest like the descent from the tallest roller coaster. My stomach dropped, my heart sped up and quite frankly, my mind was blown. My daughter meant it about the tire swing she was on but I heard a completely different statement. I was going too … Continue reading Mommy, Slow Down, You’re Going Too Fast

The Shame That Tags Along With Anxiety

I have anxiety and mild depression. Just reading that sentence brings tears to my eyes. Why? Because I am filled with shame. I know shame well; we've become close these last few years. When I started experiencing bizarre and unexplainable symptoms that made me feel like I was dying, my lungs were collapsing and/or my … Continue reading The Shame That Tags Along With Anxiety

Quiet On The Net Waves

I try to post every Sunday and at least once during the week and if you've been following this blog you'll see I've been slacking. Here's why. I am a part-time wreck. While my day-to-day life is kicking ass and going well, internally I'm in the midst of a battle with my heart, mind and … Continue reading Quiet On The Net Waves

Handling Pregnancy Fear After A Loss

I originally wrote this when I found out I was pregnant in January with hopes of selling it to a certain publication. Since it's now posted here, you will see it was not accepted. I had no plans of ever posting it or trying to sell it again because soon after receiving my first rejection … Continue reading Handling Pregnancy Fear After A Loss

Why I Cried Turning 32

My birthday was last Friday and maybe it was the previous night's scotches or the five hours of sleep I was running on or perhaps the imminent arrival of my period but I woke up as a weepy, morose 32-year-old. Why? Most women have their worst birthdays on the ones that end with a zero. … Continue reading Why I Cried Turning 32

Calling a Truce With Infertility

I have endometriosis and was told having a baby would be incredibly hard. When I found out we were unexpectedly and shockingly pregnant growing a family became more tangible and possible. I had a healthy pregnancy and birthed a beautiful baby girl that took my world and turned it upside down. Prior to motherhood, I … Continue reading Calling a Truce With Infertility

DIY Facewash

I've been making my own face wash for a few years now and while I'm guilty of not washing my face everyday, when I do use it, I'm still always impressed and blown away at its effectiveness and hydration. It's actually kind of gross what comes off my face with this deep penetrating cleanser! It's … Continue reading DIY Facewash

Being a Mom is Lonely

Before I had my daughter, I was the life of the party. I was loud, rather obnoxious, always ready for a laugh and always game for a good time. I loved impromptu road trips, nights of beers and glow-in-the-dark bowling, pre-drinking parties at my house, girl's nights, guys' nights, ALL the nights. If it sounded … Continue reading Being a Mom is Lonely

Real Talk: Postpartum Anxiety, Persistence and Holding On

I've known Amber Daniels for over six years now. I've watched her transform into this incredible human being and knew she had a message that needed to be shared specifically with mothers. Amber had postpartum anxiety that almost destroyed her life but she took the reins of her situation and she fought back like a … Continue reading Real Talk: Postpartum Anxiety, Persistence and Holding On