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The Liberation of “CareTooMuchItis”

After someone I know saw an Instagram post of mine the other day where I shared my overwhelm and frustration of a bad day (made worse by a bad week), I received an email from this person telling me: “this is the time in your life to give up all your own extra-curricular activities” and… Continue reading The Liberation of “CareTooMuchItis”

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I Cannot Be Broken

I thought I was broken during my fertility struggles. I was emotionally and mentally in pieces and my body? Well, It wouldn’t do what I wanted. So it was broken too. Nothing was going to plan therefore everything was broken. As I crumbled, things around me crumbled. The engine in my car blew, my daughter… Continue reading I Cannot Be Broken

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I Invite You to Get Over Yourself

“I invite you to get over yourself, Kelsey” the counselor said to me. Excuse me? I thought. Who knew those eight words would change my life. Those eight, little words opened a door to a world I didn’t want to explore but knew I needed in order to heal. In July 2014 I was a… Continue reading I Invite You to Get Over Yourself

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Real Talk: Transforming Tragedy into Love with Ashley Gordon

  When I met Ashley Gordon last summer at a BBQ, I was floored by her beauty and her aura. But once we got talking, I was really blown away by how incredible she was. She told me a story* you wouldn't believe if you hadn't heard it from her mouth. Her boyfriend died in… Continue reading Real Talk: Transforming Tragedy into Love with Ashley Gordon