The Birth of A Monumental Idea*

*originally published here. When I wrote a blog post about a past miscarriage in the early days of my blogging career, I had no idea the response I would receive. CBC radio asked me to come on air and discuss my fertility and miscarriage and even added an article for their online content. CBC National … Continue reading The Birth of A Monumental Idea*


I have a really big bone to pick and it could be the #pregnancyhormones but it’s more likely the entitlement and perceptions of our society that has me a bit more than a little annoyed. I was feeling blah about this weekend’s blog and had no ideas for potential topics. Until yesterday. My family and … Continue reading Imagine…

The Woo-woo Behind My Woo-hoo!

When our daughter was conceived (and birthed) in 2013 after years of unexplained infertility, I had no trouble getting pregnant afterwards. It was staying pregnant that became the problem. But I had three pregnancies in 2017 (vs one in 2016, none in 2015 and one in 2014) so something must’ve been working while something else … Continue reading The Woo-woo Behind My Woo-hoo!

A Full Circle Year: The One Year Anniversary of WWDD!

As I sit here in bed, tears gently stream down my face dripping awe, disbelief, gratitude and joy upon the keyboard. Today marks the one year anniversary of What We Don’t Do. Reflecting back on this year has left me extremely emotional; I’m overflowing with gratitude, shaking my head in awe at the circumstances that … Continue reading A Full Circle Year: The One Year Anniversary of WWDD!

Bell Let’s Talk: The Depression I NEVER Talk About

When I miscarried the second time, it felt like a two-fold tragedy: one, we lost a baby we desperately wanted and two; karma was having its way with me. You see, as a teenager, I had two abortions. I’ll pause here to say: Save your judgments. There is NOTHING you can say to me that … Continue reading Bell Let’s Talk: The Depression I NEVER Talk About

The Epilogue to My Story

A few weeks ago I wrote a post releasing my fertility journey and all of the negativity surrounding it. I no longer wanted to talk about what I had been through. I didn’t want to hear the words ‘miscarriage’ or ‘secondary infertility’ anymore. I wanted to remove myself from the online support groups, delete the fertility … Continue reading The Epilogue to My Story

Two Cents Tuesday: Taking Control of Your Thoughts

Here's my two cents: I had a little health scare on Saturday. A year ago, hell, even six months ago, I would have fallen head first into Fear and let dramatic and false thoughts take over my mind and affect my body. But this time I didn’t. It’s one thing to read the self-help books … Continue reading Two Cents Tuesday: Taking Control of Your Thoughts

Four Books to Help Make Your 2018 Incredible

Are you one of those people who set New Year Resolutions? Or are you someone who knows yourself well enough to avoid making such a preposterous 365 day goal? Maybe you prefer bite size goals so you set 30 day goals or three month goals. I have been both but this year I’m saying to … Continue reading Four Books to Help Make Your 2018 Incredible

I’ve Become THAT Person

If you've been following along in my (almost!) one year journey of blogging, I've had a pretty transformational year. Two miscarriages and a whole bucketload of self reflection and healing has led me to admit something that I never thought I'd say: I'm ridiculously, ridiculously happy. I've become THAT person: the one who is always … Continue reading I’ve Become THAT Person