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Healing with Psilocybin: The Soil

Fall 2022 I decide I want to explore psilocybin. The studies around using it for healing PTSD, anxiety and other mental illnesses is compelling and intriguing. Similarly, the research with terminally ill patients finding peace and “Oneness” was equally enthralling to me. My first plan: try microdosing. I buy some online from a site a… Continue reading Healing with Psilocybin: The Soil

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Doing The Work of Changing and Healing

For the last two years I have been working on a fertility specialist certification so I can become a fertility coach. When I joined the program, my son was a few months old and I thought the workload would be manageable with an infant who slept all the time. Problem was, he never slept. A… Continue reading Doing The Work of Changing and Healing

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I’ve Become THAT Person

If you've been following along in my (almost!) one year journey of blogging, I've had a pretty transformational year. Two miscarriages and a whole bucketload of self reflection and healing has led me to admit something that I never thought I'd say: I'm ridiculously, ridiculously happy. I've become THAT person: the one who is always… Continue reading I’ve Become THAT Person