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The Curse of Women*

*originally published here. I recently attended my first women’s retreat just outside Saskatoon, SK. It was a wonderful getaway filled with crafting, laughing and connecting. I have never spent that kind of time with a large group of women before and I was blown away by the similarities between us all despite all our many differences:… Continue reading The Curse of Women*

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I Invite You to Get Over Yourself

“I invite you to get over yourself, Kelsey” the counselor said to me. Excuse me? I thought. Who knew those eight words would change my life. Those eight, little words opened a door to a world I didn’t want to explore but knew I needed in order to heal. In July 2014 I was a… Continue reading I Invite You to Get Over Yourself

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Meet My New Best Friend!

So I've recently reconnected with a woman I lost touch with a few years ago. I can't understand how it happened either. She's smart, open-minded, easy to talk to, funny, and interested in a lot of things which makes talking with her fun, inspiring and thought provoking. I really enjoyed her company but somehow, we… Continue reading Meet My New Best Friend!


Do This ONE THING Everyday For The Next 30 Days To Build Your Self-Love and Confidence

Before I delve into this doozy of an assignment I want to share my experience with you and you'll see why this is important for your personal growth. When I started seeing my counselor for my anxiety it surfaced that a lot of it stemmed from a lack of self love (which I knew I… Continue reading Do This ONE THING Everyday For The Next 30 Days To Build Your Self-Love and Confidence