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Healing with Psilocybin: The Shift

Clay was right. The depression was short lived and while it lingered like smoke in a sweatshirt, it wasn’t overwhelming. I was me again. But by Monday, I was a new kind of wrecked. For three days I had this restlessness that couldn’t be tamed. Like mosquitos under my skin, there was a buzzing inside… Continue reading Healing with Psilocybin: The Shift

life · self-help · Self-Love/Self-Acceptance


20 years ago, at the impressionable age of 15, I put myself in a situation that I still regret to this day. I believe I was raped. Or believed. Or believe. I’m not sure anymore. Over the course of researching and writing my book, memories long forgotten have started to surface, including some about one… Continue reading Blackout.